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Why Outsourcing to India ?

Outsourcing services have become an integral part of various industries as we provide cost-effective solutions for optimizing various business operations.

Today outsourcing has almost become the order of the day.
India is fast becoming a global hub for offshore back-office services as U.S. and European companies increasingly shift their IT services, call-center operations and other business processes to the subcontinent. India has been a pioneer in providing outsourcing services and has been providing a wide range of services to countries across the globe.

What's fueling the stampede, of course, is the desire to gain access to the country’s lower-cost, high-quality labor-in some technology areas, reduced operating costs, cost effective services greater flexibility and faster throughput amongst others.

Chronicles of Outsourcing 

It is important to learn and understand why it started happening, and then think about if it actually helps global economies in some ways to outsource jobs to India.

Ultimately as the world is becoming flat and a global economy will mean more outsourcing in the future.During the mid-1990s, global trade agreements opened international economic markets, while inte rnet businesses thrived. As a result, many cultural barriers vanished and the world became virtually smaller. Corporations, looking for ways to cut costs, took stock of these factors and decided that overseas labor markets might be useful in boosting the bottom line.

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